Need a new car? Before you start looking, contact Commfin’s team of expert car finance brokers to see how we can save you time, stress and thousands of dollars on the finance for your next vehicle.

Many people are like a deer in the headlights when it comes to buying a car and securing finance. Navigating dealerships, sales people, and lenders can be stressful and time consuming, but our team of professionals are here to help.

At Commfin, we have relationships with Australia’s top lenders and can help you secure the most competitive car finance loans. As part of our car buying service, we can also help you navigate the new and used car market, ensuring you find your dream car that both meets your needs and your budget.

Car Finance Melbourne

Where to start?

To simplify the process of buying your next car, it’s important to start with pre-approval for new or used car loans. In doing this, you save yourself time as when you start shopping you know which vehicles are within your budget.

How do I get the best possible loan?

If you’re looking for new or used car loans in Melbourne or interstate, Commfin have a number of professionals available to discuss your needs and requirements. Our team can assess your current financial situation and make sure you get the best rates, flexible terms and more loan options, no matter whether you are buying new or used, from a dealer of private seller.

When you apply for a car loan, a few things to consider will be:

  • Borrowing and repayment history
  • Whether you have a deposit to contribute
  • How much you need to borrow
  • The length of the loan
  • What repayments you can afford
  • Hidden fees and charges
  • Balloon payment options
  • Insurance – we can help with this too! Check out our discounted rates with Allianz [here].

What car do I choose?

When you’re ready to shop for your new vehicle it’s important to buy within your means and choose a car that meets your needs and suits your lifestyle. Variables to consider may be size, fuel efficiency, safety rating, where you will be mainly driving it, technology, engine performance and resale value.

For more information of which vehicle to choose, read about our [Car Buying Service]. Our team at Commfin have relationships with various leading car manufacturers and negotiate hundreds of deals each month, allowing you to access heavily reduced fleet pricing on particular makes and models.

Purchasing Your Car

So you’ve sought pre-approval, been shopping and you’re ready to buy your new vehicle! At this time the lender will check the pricing of your vehicle and accept, and we can document your loan contracts for signing.

Once you return the signed contracts to us, along with any other ancillary paperwork requested by the lender, the lender will settle the transaction by paying the supplier. Finally, it’s delivery time! You will be enjoying that new car smell before you know it.

Do you want access to a Car Buying Service? We can help with that too!

Click HERE to find out how to use our FREE Car Buying Service.


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