You need a new car. Easy! Then you start looking…. And everything all becomes too hard. To simplify things for yourself – The best thing to do first is seek pre-approval. This way you know how much you can borrow and will allow you to shop to your budget. If you’re a deer in headlights at the thought of shopping for your car – try our car buying services. We have options for new or used and professionals who can discuss your needs and requirements and they follow the car business the way most of us follow our noses to a sausage sizzle.

Once you have your pre-approval done your car shopping and decided on a car, the lender will then check the pricing of the vehicle and once accepted by the lender, we can document your loan contracts for signing. You return the signed contracts to us (along with any other ancillary paperwork requested by the lender), the lender settles the transaction by paying the supplier, and delivery is arranged. You will have that new car smell before you know it!

“Do you want access to a Car Buying Service? We can help with that too!

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