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So you want to purchase a property? Not sure where to start or what you need? That’s where we can help! What is the purpose of the purchase? Is it your first home? Are you investing? Do you want to refinance to unlock equity to renovate the family home?


We have listed some general scenarios below to help you get the ball rolling.


Click on each scenario below to work out which scenario suits your situation.


Then further down the page we have information of the different types of home loans and their features, rate types and repayment types.


Still not sure? That’s fine. We can still help! Just complete the basic enquiry form on the right-hand side and one of our staff will contact you.


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First home buyers

Ready to buy your first home? It’s exciting but there’s a lot…

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Moving to your next house and want a new loan? We can take care of that…

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Investing smartly in property can provide you with solid, tax-friendly…

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Refinancing, or switching home loans, can save you money…

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Repayment Type

This is a choice between whether you wish to have the principal loan balance reduced…

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Rate Type

There are lots of home loan interest rate options for first home loans, next home loans or refinancing…

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Loan Type

There are basic types of loans that lenders offer and that are available for property purchase….

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Loan Features

This is a ‘no frills’ product that offers a very low variable interest rate with little or no regular fees….

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