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Commercial Finance & Leasing are finance brokers who specialise in sourcing the best finance solution for small business, consumer and commercial applicants all over Australia. We are reliable professionals with many years’ experience across varied finance sectors such as property finance, asset finance and commercial business loans.

We value the relationships with have with our referrers and ensure their client always remains their client. We aim to provide educated solutions to our referrers to help them provide a valuable service to their clientele.

We feel pride seeing our direct clients grow their businesses over many years and work closely with them to understand their needs and provide the correct finance options through well researched lender products and policies.

We are accredited with over 20 financial institutions including the four major banks down to the private/non-confirming lending institutions to provide our referrers and direct clients with a broad range of competitive and tailored finance products.

We are members of PLAN Australia and consider them to be the aggregator that supports diversification, enabling us to be the “one-stop-shop” for our referrers and direct clients.

Together with our aggregator and lenders, we ensure your transaction complies with industry regulations, guidelines, codes and ethics so our referrers and customers can be confident they are working with professionals.


We research lender policies and requirements to suit the applicant’s circumstances and source the right finance product using our lender’s best finance rates for our valued referrers and direct customers. We can source home and investment loans, vehicle and equipment finance and commercial and business loans to help you purchase that house, investment property, new car and upgraded machinery for your business.

We are here to answer your questions, help guide you through the process every step of the way and do the research on your behalf.

We are your contact for any questions or administration requests post settlement. Need a payout letter? Update your contact details? Just call US to obtain information from the lender. There’s no need for you to know the contract number or who the lender was – just remember our phone number and we’ll do the rest! (03) 9370 9811

We’ll contact you when your asset finance loan is due to expire and present your options.


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Why use Commercial Finance & Leasing?

Commercial Finance & Leasing has developed an excellent understanding of the needs of individuals and small to medium business owners when it comes to their finance requirements.

We have helped clients grow their businesses from day 1 right through to 8 years later by helping fund the office fit-out, financing the machinery on the factory floor, leasing the car that the director drives to visit clients and obtaining the mortgage on their residential property purchase!


Commercial Finance & Leasing prides itself on having access to range of lenders products and policies to find the best solution for the applicant. We understand each customers scenario is different and we take the time to learn about the applicant, their business and their finance requirements now and into the future.


Our staff are trained to consider all aspects of a loan application. We consider the “Four C’s of Credit” when assessing loan applications.

  • Character
  • We investigate the applicant’s overall profile strength, including things such as length of time and experience in their chosen industry, time running their business, length of time with employer/contractor, previous employment history, residential history and property ownership and some lenders will even request business trade references.
  • Credit
  • We will enquire about an applicant’s repayment history with other finance companies and ask about previous credit issues such as defaults and seek explanations and evidence of payments where necessary.
  • Collateral
  • We investigate the applicant’s ability to provide security towards the transaction, whether that might be in the form of a cash deposit, trade in, equity, an unencumbered asset or property.
  • Capacity
  • We validate the applicant’s income and assess their capacity to meet their financial commitments and personal living expenses through a thorough examination of financial reports.

Personal Service

As a result of our approach to thoroughly checking loan applications and the people behind them, we build a close working relationship with our referrers and direct customers and can identify the right lenders and finance products with the care and attention each transaction deserves, and guide customer’s to financial success.

Industry knowledge

In these ever-changing and challenging finance industry times, our staff have the experience, training and industry support from our aggregator and lenders to provide informed solutions for our referrers, their clients and our direct customers.